Carry On!

As summer approaches, many are planning their get aways. While I may not have packing my suitcase down to a science, I sure have my carry-on essentials down pat. First and foremost, I always bring my computer, as traveling gives me uninterrupted time to work. Of course, I pack it in my personalized “Fortune Inspired” red Anya Hindmarch case which adds a protective punch of color. A scarf or shawl is another travel must have. Regardless of season, planes are always cold and my yummy cashmeres always lend a cozy sense of comfort – can also be used as a shield from coughing passengers. My Pucci smoochie pouch or any pouch for that matter, is perfect for tampons, vitamins, and other little personal incidentals. I always include Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy for its sensory lift and Santa Maria Novella’s Elixir for its calming effect. Not sure if they work but I sure love the scents. For longer flights, I bring a pillow and eye mask. My headphones obviously come with me for relaxation, meditation and music. Magazines are the perfect distraction – I buy a shit load of them at the airport. They pass the time on the plane and make for creative inspiration. I rarely read books on flights because they make me sleepy but I ALWAYS have one with me as a safety blanky. A facial mist is part of my arsenal and is used prior to landing to revitalize and refresh. Last but not least are snacks and of course my GG crackers. They offer tons of high fiber and as my nutritionist guru Tanya Zuckerbrot advises, when eaten with protein, provide for a satisfying meal and help with weight control. Need I say more?

Wherever you’re headed “keep calm and carry on”!


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