5 Ways To Treat Your Valentine

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is just about a week away, so I thought I’d share a few unique ideas for different ways to celebrate (which you can totally hint along to your loved ones). No Valentine? Treat yourself, you’re worth it!

5 Ways to Treat Your Valentine

Book a treatment at the Face Gym
I recently became obsessed with the Face Gym. They call it a workout for the 40 muscles in your face. Good news is, you never have to leave your chair. The experience is heavenly and the immediate results leave me looking fresh and rejuvenated. As with most treatments, they suggest follow ups for long term results.

At Home Movie Night
Nothing like an excuse to watch your favorite rom coms. Get comfortable in your favorite pjs (or lingerie) and settle in for the night with these movie favorites of mine.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Knocked Up
Annie Hall
The Holiday
27 Dresses
It’s Complicated
Sweet Home Alabama

Breakfast in Bed
A great Valentine’s Day indulgence is waking up to brekkie in bed. Begin with a favorite cup of coffee or tea and then channel your inner cupid with a heart shaped theme, i.e. heart shaped muffins, heart shaped avocado toast and some heart shaped fruit.

The Couple that Works Out Together, Stays Together
Start your morning off by taking a long walk or hike together. If, baby it’s too cold outside, try taking a spin or a Barry’s Boot Camp class.

Roses are Red…
The one gift that always says I love you, is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.
Here is a list of some of my favorite florists who create the dreamiest arrangements.

Design By Anthony Ortiz
Lauren Ancona
Sallie Mishaan

Victoria Mamiye

…Violets are Blue, I Love You!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Please share below how you plan to celebrate.

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