My Weekly Workout Routine

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I’m often asked about my workout routines and strength training is at the core. I meet with a trainer at Equinox twice a week for 60-minute sessions (on a good day) and once a week for a 30-minute session. I appreciate that the trainers I work with vary the routines just to keep me on my toes. Strength training, as I’ve learned from my nutrition guru/angel friend Tanya Zuckerbrot, is essential to building muscle mass which revs your metabolism. I try to fit in weekly cardio once a week during winter and twice during the summer. I always love a stair master session and run outdoors in warmer weather.  I’m a newcomer to FlyBarre and have been loving their toning classes. Some workouts I’d like to circle back to are AKT because I love to dance, Ripped Fit and Barry’s Bootcamp because these are HIIT workouts.

Now to the fashionable part of my workout!

I live a few blocks from the Sweaty Betty boutique. How lucky am I?

sweaty betty

I recently added some essential pieces to my workout wardrobe that are super flattering, highly functional and kick butt. By that I mean, their Power 7/8 Side Pocket Leggings are bum sculpting like no other. They have a built-in pocket to fit your iPhone and a back zipper compartment for cash and keys. They are so comfortable, like a second skin and I appreciate the high waist. These leggings come in multiple colors and prints so take your pick!
sweaty betty
Moving on up, the stamina sports bra is awesome sauce. It supports the girls like no other. The fabric is super soft and the added elastic ups the comfort level. 

This cropped grey hooded sweatshirt is too cozy for words. You need to try this pronto. With spring days finally upon us, this is the perfect transition piece. This sweatshirt is also available in a longer silhouette.

sweaty betty

What is your go-to workout where and wear from Sweaty Betty?

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