How to Keep the Vacation Glowing: 5 Post Travel Tips

Post Travel Tips
Have you ever arrived home from the most relaxing and memorable vacation only to be left feeling like you desperately needed another one – like immediately? I’ve definitely had my share of anticlimactic post travel meltdowns, until l smartened up and developed some beneficial strategies to make transitioning back to reality a breeze.
Below are some post travel tips I’ve learned along the way to keep that vacation feeling lingering just a little bit longer…
1. Unpack your luggage upon arrival
The first thing I do when I get home from vacation, is unpack everything immediately – just to begin the laundry process. This makes the morning after less daunting. The next day I’ll put everything away in its proper place – divide and conquer if you will. A strategy I use that makes the unpacking process a breeze is to sort your laundry each day on vacation. I label white garbage bags before vacation that read – machine wash, cleaners, hand wash and then each day, I sort the dirty laundry accordingly. Putting  some extra effort to organize the dirty stuff on vacation is one of my top post travel tips and goes a long way when you arrive home.

2. Take a day to get organized before heading back to work
I used to schedule work and personal appointments the day after I arrived home, which left me feeling super stressed and had me thinking what vacation? If possible, allow a day before returning to work to get yourself organized and situated. When traveling with kids, this post travel tip makes the transition a bit smoother. This may mean cutting your trip a day short, but worth it.

3. Have something prepared to eat
Make sure to have something ready to eat when you arrive home. Either order in en route from the airport or have something prepped in the freezer or fridge before you leave. I find myself famished when I land, so planning my meal ahead of time prevents me from overeating and this post travel tip helps me to get back on track from the get-go.

4.  Make a to-do list for the week ahead
My husband or I will sort through our mail, quickly scan emails and make a to-do list (ie grocery list, call cleaners etc.) for the upcoming week. This helps me feel less overwhelmed and more organized.

5. Hydrate and incorporate some self-care
Last but not least, make sure to drink lots of water as flying tends to dehydrate us. If you’re feeling motivated, indulge in a face mask and moisturize for a little self-care time – who says vacation has to end when you land? Most importantly, get a good nights sleep so you wake up feeling energized with that post-vacation glow.

post travel tips

What are your post travel tips? Please comment below!

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