7 Expert Makeup Tips by Carlo Geraci

expert makeup tips

One look at my makeup drawer a few weeks ago and I guarantee you would have agreed that a total makeover was long overdue.
My beauty products were crammed, cluttered and crowded to say the least, half of which were either expired or barely used. I never even attempted to organize this on my own because the task seemed too daunting. So I called in makeup guru extraordinaire, Carlo Geraci to give me all of his expert makeup tips. It was officially time to edit, update and upgrade my beauty arsenal.

In his calm and gentle manner, Carlo asked me to display all of my makeup products which covered a good part of my dining room table. We went through each and every product and determined which we would keep, store, or toss. In the process, he offered some valuable make up advice and worthwhile tips that I’d like to share.

expert makeup tips

7 Expert Makeup Tips

Apply foundation with a foundation brush
1. As a time saver, I used to blend my moisturizer and foundation in the palm of my hands and apply directly on to my face. Carlo explained the benefits of applying foundation with a foundation brush as it makes for an even and flawless complexion. While my way worked, I see a noticeable difference and seriously, we’re talking about adding an extra minute.

Separate your make up by season
2. Separate your winter and summer make up. This is no different than separating your seasonal wardrobe. Think pinks, corals and beachy glow sticks for summer and burgundy, reds and bordeaux’s for winter.
I bought a plastic storage container to store whatever is not in season and put it in my bathroom cabinet. This freed up space in my make up drawer and I now make better choices when applying make up.

Avoid Repeats
3. As we edited my make up, I realized I owned many variations of the same lipstick color. According to Carlo, most woman make this repeat purchase so be mindful of what color lipsticks you currently own and try to avoid repetitive buys.

Brush up on your brushes
4. I have accumulated one too many make up brushes over the years and shied away from using them because I completely lost track of which brush was for what purpose. Carlos helped me organize my brushes and by labeling them it helped reeducate me on which brush is used for what product. Next time you purchase new brushes, label them first.

Wear sunglasses when applying bronzer (yes you read that right)
5. I always applied my bronzer with the number three in mind.
I began at the temple, indented below the cheekbone and circled back around the jawline.
Carlo suggested wearing sunglasses when applying bronzer as a good indicator of where bronzer should be correctly applied. Start at the temple and then indent below the sunglass line and lastly along the jawline.

Where to highlight
6. I’m a big highlighter girl and am always up for a bit shimmer and glow.
I used to apply my highlighter along my upper cheek bone. When I had my make up professionally done, I noticed that make up artists would dab a little here and there, but I never really paid attention to precisely where they put highlighter until Carlo pointed out the perfect spots.
First apply on upper check bone. Next you can apply along the brow bone and then swipe down the bridge of your nose. Another sweet spot is above the cupids bow and lastly, swipe across the chin.

Never ever ever look down at your vanity mirror
7. Last but not least, never apply make up while looking down at your vanity mirror. I can attest, it is a very cruel way to look at yourself. Carlo instructed me to hold my chin up yet look down into the mirror. Keep your eyes open and relaxed while applying your eye make up.

expert makeup tips

Any beauty secrets you’d like to share? Please comment below!

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  1. Bella Sardar
    December 13, 2018 / 12:18 pm

    Great tips!!! Definitely going to try the sunglasses one!

    • December 13, 2018 / 1:42 pm

      Thanks! So happy you enjoyed the post! I’ve been wearing my shades too:!

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