How To Stay Cozy From Head To Toe

cozy sleepwear
Believe it or not, when I got up the other morning the thought crossed my mind, could I wear my cozy sleepwear, as in my PJ Salvage pjs to the gym? After all, the skies were still dark, the temperatures were way below freezing and I was just too damn cold to change. Logic prevailed and I reluctantly changed into my athletic wear. 

As we are now literally in the dead of winter, I tend to spend more time at home and being super comfortable as in back in the womb, is of utmost importance. 

This year my mind is set on the coziest of onesies, the furriest of slippers and thickest of socks.

I was actually quite shocked at how many adult onesie options there are on the market. I so appreciate that many brands are allowing us adults to live out our childhood dreams. I for one, plan to take full advantage with these adorable cozy sleepwear styles.

The cutest one by far is this soft cozy sleepwear hooded teddy by Asos. With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, this lip printed onesie also by Asos, will have you puckering up in no time. For this who prefer a little prep in their step, be sure to check out this plaid option by Retrospective Co. and this polka dot one by Sleepy Jones.

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Nothing says sweet dreams like a fuzzy, super soft sock. On a cold winter evening, I always love to cozy up in one of these. If you’re willing to cozy up to $995 of 100% cashmere, check out this star studded onesie by Chinti and Parker.

I recently came across these chunky cool girl fleece lined socks by Uggs which are a winter must have as are these festive Nordic socks by Woolrich. I can totally imagine myself lounging by the fireplace in one of these (I don’t have a fireplace just yet but I’m letting my imagination run wild with this one).

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One more winter must have are these cardigans by Skin. I have been living in mine all winter. When I wake up in the morning and it’s too warm for heat but there is a slight chill in my bones, their knits keep me perfectly toasty.

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Last but not least are shlippas. Though I will forever remain an Ugg addict, I am also a fan of these Donni shearling slippers. I literally slip into these each morning and evening after my shower. These cashmere slide slippers by White + Warren are also super luxe and comfy.

Shop shlippas here:

What is your favorite cozy sleepwear for winter? Please comment below!




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