5 Healthy Habits I learned at Groundsea Fitness

Two weeks I ago, I returned from the Groundsea Fitness Retreat. It was an amazing four days of health, wellness and clean eating (see post here).
Besides bringing home some unforgettable memories, I have incorporated some new health and wellness habits that I’d love to share with you.

1. During our morning yoga practice, our instructor Johanna began by having us set intentions and dedicating our practice to someone in our lives.
This means being mindful of certain behaviors and mind sets that I would like to aspire to throughout my day. Two examples of an intention can be staying calm, trusting in the universe.
I love setting intentions because it helps me to stay grounded during the day when the going gets tough.

2. Dedicating my yoga practice was another beautiful way to start the day. I felt that by dedicating my practice I was giving to someone else in my life instead of receiving. This act makes me thoughtful about other people who I care about with the intention of sending them good vibes.

3. Chef Katie extraordinaire, prepared a home made apple cider elixir each day. Some ingredients included are apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, garlic, turmeric, honey and cayenne pepper. Each day I downed a shot of this and felt good knowing the valuable health benefits of clearer and brighter skin, a stronger immune system, and increased energy.

4. I find mid afternoon to be the most challenging time of day because this is when I tend to pick, nibble, snack, graze, devour, scrape up left overs…you get the picture. Each day at the retreat, there were two carafes of hot bone broth and vegetable broth. Having a calorie free, homemade vegetable broth was a tasty way to hold me over a bit till dinner time. I made my own version at home but this can also be bought from most health food stores.

5. I can get caught up in the craziness of work, school, kids and running a home. I tend to forget how to nurture myself. Taking better care of me was something that was emphasized at the spa. This need not be monumental but rather something simple like getting to bed earlier, stretching, lighting a candle, putting on relaxing music, acupuncture. These are all ways of feeding the soul.

Here are some things that help me stay on track:

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