What Motherhood Has Taught Me

With Mother’s Day on my mind (and I hope everyone else’s too), I compiled a list of things I’ve learned about motherhood…sometimes the hard way!

Motherhood has taught me:

  1. No matter how cool I think I am, I’m really not
  2. There’s no such thing as bedtime
  3. Everyone else’s mom makes the “best” meals
  4. Our house has the “worst” snacks
  5. To apologize to my kids when I’ve screwed up
  6. To be a better listener
  7. To answer my kid’s questions creatively. i.e. “If the baby comes from the mommy’s stomach, how come it sometimes looks like the daddy?”
  8. There’s no such thing as privacy, even when I tinkle
  9. To let my kids be more independent with their school work
  10. That my neurosis is for real
  11. A little hug goes along way especially when they’re acting out (who knew?)
  12. I can’t drink and parent at the same time – I’ve bought pets under the influence and have said yes to many should-be “nos”
  13. Family vacations are priceless
  14. Adult only vacations are necessary for my sanity
  15. There is no need to make my children’s birthdays into national holidays (can’t stop, won’t stop)
  16. Laughter and humor is the best medicine
  17. I love being needed
  18. The value of trust
  19. To try and teach by example
  20. In tense situations, silence is golden as it diffuses rather than fuels
  21. I love my kids the mostest

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  1. Lori Harris
    July 5, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Your kids are wrong. You are the coolest.

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