Simple Summer Pleasures

I can’t believe it’s August 1st and we’re at the half way mark. There are so many summer activities I thought about doing and well ya know, “time flies when you’re having fun”! Before August comes and goes and school supplies take center stage, I’ve compiled a list of simple pleasures to soak in the last days of summer.

How do you plan on spending your last month of summer? I always love getting inspiration from my readers!
1. Create a mood board to get your creative juices flowing.
2. Take an overnight trip. Need not cross the Atlantic to have fun!
3. Take a solo day at the beach and keep it simple by bringing a hat and a book.
4. Indulge in a summer treat that you held back on. Think pizza, ice cream, hot dogs (that’s the direction I’m headed in).
5. Take an evening stroll on the boardwalk.
6. Visit a country fair.
7. Attend a local concert.
8. Enjoy a rooftop cocktail at sunset.
9. Catch an early morning sunrise.
10. Make time for a morning meditation session or yoga class.
11. Indulge in an outdoor massage.
12. Spend quality time with each kid. This doesn’t have to be a big event. Can be shell picking on the beach or a drive to the ice cream shop.
13. What’s a summer without a lemonade stand?
14. Visit the local farmer’s market.
15. Go apple picking.
16. Challenge yourself and take a hike.
17. Make a pitcher of sangria for two (or one).
18. Go for a leisurely bike ride.

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