High Brow Eye Brow

Do not under estimate the power of the brow. When achieved, it can transform your face by adding definition, lift to your eyes, and in some cases add a certain fierceness. Achieving this look requires maintenance (what look doesn’t? cue: eye roll) and just the right products. The look begins with finding the perfect shape for your face and I suggest finding a professional to work this. Regardless of what is trending, I always prefer a fuller, more natural shape. To fill in the blanks and achieve symmetry, here are the products that are in my rotation. My current favorite is the Brow Sculptor by Tom Ford. This pencil is a 3 in 1 that includes an angled pencil, grooming brush and sharpener. The taupe shade is the perfect compliment for my hair color and gives my brows bold definition. My daughter Vivian bought me Brow Wiz by Anastasia and is a universal winner. It comes in eight shades and gives a flawless finish. To finish off the look, I use Eliza’s clear gel which tames and conditions. And for those who like to use gel, Dior’s brow styler gel provides for an amazing statement eyebrow. It has a click brush applicator that is easy to use and for those who want bolder results, this can also be used over a pencil.
Lastly, though not an eyebrow pencil, but just as important, Revitabrow Eye Brow Conditioner  has been all the rage for those looking to grow, condition and moisturize their eyebrows. I recently bought it but have not yet put to the test – will keep you posted. In the meantime remember that eyebrows are the one thing you can get into “shape” without exercising. Haha!

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