Why You Need to Own Red Shoes This Season

Red shoes are the it color of the season. If you don’t know, now you know…
Designer Gianvito Rossi nailed it this season with killer red ankle boot and a knee high version as well.
Initially, I had my eye on their knee-high boot but they sold out quickly in most sizes. Then I came across their ankle boot and snagged them immediately, I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice!
At first, I was nervous I’d have a hard time getting mileage out of them being that the color is so specific, but I am thrilled to say, these shoes are made for walking. If you’re open enough to the thought that red can be considered a neutral, you’ll have an easy time pairing them. Red goes well with pink, navy, ivory, grey, khaki, burgundy, and even other shades of red.

I typically don’t like to wear red with black as all I think about is Mickey Mouse. I just can’t do it. Does anyone else have this issue? While I do appreciate Mickey, red and black don’t work for me.
I have been wearing these boots with denim and then playing around with sweaters and coats to change up the look.
I am particularly having fun pairing these boots with this pink sweater and plaid coat. I have been making an effort to include more color into my wardrobe as winter always dictates many shades of grey, navy and black. A little bold and bright never hurt no-one.
These shoes happen to be comfortable. I love the thick heel and the shade is spot on. Perfect for painting the town red.

Shop red boots here:

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  1. Joan
    December 7, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    I always loved red shoes. My first pair was my first year in college many many years ago. Then I went to London in the early eighties and found out they have an expression there “Red shoes No Knickers (underwear) which meant you were a prostitute. What do the British know. I love your selection

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