Healthy Ways To Satisfy Late Night Cravings

late night cravings
I’m not sure about you, but I can definitely get the nighttime munchies. I know what you might be thinking but I haven’t jumped on that new legal bandwagon just yet…

To be completely transparent, I’ve had many a moment where late night cravings got the best of me, especially after a night out, compliments of a few cocktails – but over the years I’ve cultivated a few options to help me steer clear of my son’s Cheeto’s Party Mix.

There are three different scenarios that prompt late-night grazing which I will list in order from moderate to severe.

Scenario 1 is the most manageable: I’m in for the night (sans cocktails), post-dinner, and a little voice inside my head is whispering “sweet somethings in my ear”. 

Scenario 2 is tricky but still manageable: Out for dinner and couple glasses of wine, we virtuously decline dessert only to come home and crave something sweet. Obviously, the best choice is to pass the kitchen, head straight for the bedroom, and brush your teeth. If only…

To satisfy the late night cravings in both of these scenarios, I’ll opt for either 2 tablespoons of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips or 1 peanut butter Chocorite. My dear friend and nutritionist, Tanya Zuckerbrot also recommends drinking a hot cup of decaf chai tea or hot cocoa made with her 20/20 powder as an after dinner treat (see recipe here). I try to steer clear of fruit in the evening but if I have a craving, I’ll reach for something low glycemic like berries or a few slices of an apple. The key is to be prepared and well stocked with FFactor approved options that won’t derail you. Another suggestion that was given to me from one of the FFactor dietitians was to drink flavored sparkling water.  

Scenario 3 is bad news: Mingling at a party and a few cocktails deep, I’m engrossed in conversation and I skip dinner, only to come home and want to raid the entire kitchen.

In this case, Tanya always recommends eating a late mid-afternoon snack, which will stave off hunger and prevent reaching for the little piglet in the puff pastry blanket at the party, and then picking up where you left off once you get back home.

Some snack ideas include GG pizzas, a high fiber protein bar, or an FFactor approved shake made with Tanya’s 20/20 powder. When all else fails and only salty and crunchy will do, a snack-sized bag of Skinny Popcorn satisfies the after dinner craving.

Given all of the above, I do have my moments. No one is perfect and it’s ok to indulge once in a while – no need to beat yourself up over it! Tomorrow is a new day.

How do you stay healthy with late-night cravings?

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