Free to be Sugar Free

Hip hip hooray for me! I made it through my almost sugar free month!!!
I was pretty shocked that I did not crave sugar and sweets as I had anticipated. It could be because I did not completely abstain, given the deal I made with myself to allow for a minimal amount of sugar per day. Minimal amount of sugar as in, 4 squares of dark chocolate per day, 1 vita muffin per day and as many pieces of gum as I mouth allowed room for.
Secondly, knowing that I put out this commitment to my readers, truly held me accountable. In the future, an excellent way for me to meet certain goals.
I have read that when one decreases their sugar intake and then reintroduces it back into their diet, their taste for it diminishes.
Unfortunately this was not the case for me. I secretly hoped I would be one those people who would say, “sugar just doesn’t do it for me.”
Regardless of what goals we set for ourselves, I am here to say, you CAN do it.
Plan, decide and take action!!!


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