My Favorite Bar Class By Far


I’m happy to say, I’ve been spending more time at the bar than usual…that is Fly Barre.

Until recently, my workouts consisted of weight training sessions at the gym and a session of jumping rope or the stair master for cardio if time allowed. I follow these two adorable fitness bloggers on Instagram, Sweat and the City and reached out to them for a barre class recommendation that they found most effective. I wanted to add something new to my routine and barre classes have been on my radar (my two girls swear by Physique but going to 57th street from the UES is just way too far in the morning rush). They suggested FlyBarre as a class that delivers results. Let me just say this workout had me at 45 minutes as in the class is 45 minutes long. In case you didn’t know this about me, I arrive at my training sessions 15-20 minutes late…an hour just seems to drag on.

Perhaps because of timing, we sure do hit the ground running. Each instructor has a different routine and favorite playlist but the burn is always the same…burn baby burn.

This total body workout effectively isolates muscles and targets the arms, abs, chest and core without the torture. The class incorporates a variety of props that keeps things interesting. Think rubber balls squeezed between inner thighs and back of hamstrings, resistance bands placed around the ankles and above the knees for squats and other fancy leg movements. Low weights and high rep movements are always a constant and lots of ab work which I can never get enough of.

I appreciate, and am quite impressed, that even though it’s a group class, I feel like I’m getting personalized instruction and am wowed by the fact that the instructors actually remember my name.

I have been attending Flybarre once a week for two months now, and plan to increase it to twice a week. 

This kind of  workout seems compatible for my body and the fact that a San Ambroeus café is located across the street, doesn’t hurt either.


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