Benefits of Waking Up Earlier

I am always envious of people who begin their day between 5:00am and 6:00am. The times that I have done so are peaceful especially because most of the world is asleep. There have been numerous studies that illustrate the benefits of waking up early including lower stress level, more productivity, and more positive vibes throughout the day.
I currently struggle to get out of bed by 7am. My goal would be to rise at 6:15 in order to begin my day without interruption.
I would start by meditating for 10 minutes with the Calm app. Journaling has been on my mind for a while but who has time for that? I recently bought The Five Minute Journal with the goal of adding a bit more positivity and self reflection into my life. I would follow this with a half hour of work related social media as a way of engaging and connecting. With this out of the way, I would be free to catch up on the news, see my kids off to school, check in with the parents, drink my daily dose of hot water and lemon and then off to the gym. This may sound like a lot but that’s the whole idea of rising early.
How will I accomplish this?
Waking up early requires commitment. There are those who suggest that going to bed early will make it easier to wake up. I haven’t mastered this just yet but I plan on trying to get to bed an hour earlier than my current bedtime.
I’ve read that keeping your alarm clock across the room forces you to get out of bed. No hitting the snooze button y’all.
The Miracle Morning, a book about the benefits of starting your day early, suggests a few additional ways to get your booty out of bed. Putting on exercise clothes first thing, brushing your teeth (well I should hope so), and drinking a glass of water, will make it significantly easier to get up and stay awake.
Another helpful tip I read is to wake up 5 minutes earlier each day for a week. In my case that would be a week and a half. I am going to give this a try as I like easing into things.

For those who are early risers, please share your motivational tips and how you make the most of your mornings. I would love to hear!

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