Flat Out Cool


Growing up with a fashionable mom, I was raised with the belief that no heel was too high.

As a budding fashionista, I adopted this view as my own. I enjoyed the added height and appreciated the way it lengthened my silhouette.

When people inquired on how I managed to make it through the day in heels, I always bragged I could run a marathon in them (ok, so not a marathon but at least a block or two).

Although I haven’t hit the big 40 just yet, the effects of heels have definitely taken a toll on my feet. With the return of the flat shoe which continues to be at the forefront of fashion, it has been all the more reason I have come to embrace the trend.  I will never abandon my heels, rather I have broadened my horizons to a flatter ground while still hoping to be flat out cool.

Here are my favorite choices for spring/summer:

Clarification is necessary-You will never find me wearing flats in the evening, at least not just yet. Baby steps if you will.



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