Fashionably Floral

I love flowers Рin any shape or form. They make me happy and signal rebirth, renewal and spring. Luckily, this season, fashion seems to agree with me! Channel this trend by adding a Lanvin pin, spritzing yourself with Waterlily parfum by Aerin or slipping into Valentino’s floral jumpsuit. In the meantime, you can always treat yourself to some French tulips, they too are in season as well!


  1. Aerin Waterlily Sun Eau De Parfum
  2. Gucci Quilted Floral-Print Coat
  3. Agraria Diffuser
  4. Valentino Floral-Print Jumpsuit
  5. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses
  6. The Row Floral Leather Shoulder Bag
  7. Emilia Wickstead Floral-Print Top
  8. Lanvin Floral Lapel Pin
  9. Etro Floral-Print Top

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