10 Thoughtful Gestures From Friends

This photo is from a recent trip that I took with a few girlfriends. This got me thinking about the value of friendship and the thoughtful gestures that friends have made over the years.
I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many women from so many different aspects of my life who have taught me how to be a better friend. Below are 10 thoughtful gestures that stand out and have touched my heart and (my boobs). You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there.

1. When my grandfather was sick, I had a friend who checked in on me each week to see how he was feeling and how I was holding up. I’ll never forget this and her thoughtfulness really touched me. The next time a friend went through a hard time, I learned to reach out on a steady basis.

2. In a digital age, I have a friend that still sends hand-written notes which is a lost art that I’d like to hold onto. This takes effort yet so personal.

3. I try to seek out the friends who lift me up, who are genuinely happy for me, and know how to cheer me on. 

4. I have a friend who offered to take home my dirty laundry from a trip to Israel because I was headed to Italy afterwards and she was headed home. I’m talking literally, dirty laundry. This is true devotion.

5. I have acquaintances who have reached out on Mother’s Day or for the New Year with good wishes. It was unexpected and so thoughtful. Next time a holiday rolls around, I’m going to think of someone I typically wouldn’t reach out to, and contact them as a gesture of kindness. Everyone likes to be thought of.

6. I have a friend who back in the day encouraged me to speak up at weekly charity meetings. I was so intimidated but she believed that I had good ideas to share and helped me find my voice.

7. A friend once knew I was hurt over a social situation and invited me out for lunch the next day. I felt like a million dollars just knowing that I mattered to her.

8. I have a friend who showed me her breasts post-op breast lift. We’re now breast friends.

9. Friends have sent gift baskets across the world or even close by, to mark a special occasion. It’s generous and thoughtful and taught me to take note when other people have reason to celebrate.

10. When people take the time to reach out and thank you for an evening out, an invitation or a party I hosted, it always makes an impression. Little things mean a lot.

Extra Credit: When I was in school, a teacher once told me that a smile is free. A smile, a touch, or hug goes a long way.

What is something special that a friend has done for you?

Please share below!

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