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Not sure when or how I caught the jump roping bug but I am obsessed with this form of exercise and feel pretty good about my current skills – the perfect motivator. Jumping rope brings back memories of childhood, is fun to watch and the energy is contagious. This summer I have been incorporating jumping rope into my workout. I usually do two minute intervals of jump rope in between each set of exercises and truly feel like a bad ass. I have currently worked my way up to five minutes and don’t plan on stopping there. My goal this winter is to master different techniques such as the crossovers and alternating legs.
I recently read an article that stated the benefits of jumping rope. There are so many that it really makes this exercise worthwhile. Jumping rope burns more calories per hour than running and swimming, is great for lymphatic drainage (don’t ask me what that means but its sounds beneficial), is good for the brain because it requires concentration and coordination (I do understand what this means), it is a workout you can take anywhere and super cost effective.
I have been DYING to try Amanda Kloot’s The Rope class at Bandier Studio B and I am definitely signing up this fall. I follow Amanda obsessively on Instagram and love her energy, her braids and her athleisure style. Another class that sounds pretty awesome is Punk Rope. Jumping rope can always be incorporated into any workout wether you exercise solo or with a trainer. Most boxing gyms will incorporate jumping rope as well i.e. Punch Fitness Center and Gotham. There are also plenty of videos on line or you can simply take your rope outside and jump for joy!

I am so excited to share with you this Q & A with jump rope guru Amanda Kloot and here’s what she had to say:

When did you first begin jumping rope?
AK: I started jumping rope for fitness about 3 years ago!
What jump rope do you recommend?
AK: I really like the Reebok Adjustable Speed Rope
How do you feel about weighted jump ropes?
AK: I like weighted ropes but I don’t use them for my workout, The Rope.
For someone who really wants to master the art of jumping rope, how often and for how long do they need practice?
AK: That is different for everyone because it depends on your ability and level. I will say the more you jump the better you get and the more your practice the easier it becomes. Your stamina, endurance, coordination, and speed all improve.
There are many benefits to jumping rope. What do you feel has benefited you most?
AK: The jump rope has changed my body! It shrunk body fat and toned muscles that I had been trying to get at for years!
If you can impart any wisdom to a novice jump roper, what would it be?
AK: Do not get frustrated with the rope. It is here to help you! Breathe, focus on the rhythym, and keep praticing!
I love your style. What are your go to workout brands?
AK: I am so lucky that I work at Bandier because they have all the best brands under one roof! Some of my favorites are Ultracor, Michi, Beyond Yoga, and Heroine Sport.

Get your jumping rope game on here:


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