Sweater Weather

With temperatures rising, I am so excited to transition from heavy coats and puffers to pullovers and sweaters. Woohoo!!! There is something so liberating about shedding that extra layer, leaving a certain lightness and freedom from the weight of winter.

There are so many styles to choose from, which makes dressing for warmer days ahead even more exciting. Though I am always game for stripes and basic solids, this season I am particularly drawn to all things ruffled and off the shoulder. They are feminine and have just the right amount of sex appeal and attitude to take you from day time straight into cocktail hour!

I am also into oversized knits like the Acne style I’m wearing below. Though it’s a bit on the heavier side, it’s an open knit so more breathable and the soft multi colored palette keeps it looking light enough for springtime.

I tend to wear my sweaters tucked in or I at least do a half tuck, especially with all the high waisted mom jeans I’ve been wearing. Though the oversized sleeve seems to still be trending, I prefer a pulled up stained free sleeve.
On chilly mornings, I will add an oversized blazer or light trench for some extra warmth. This season, bombers are also another great option to layer with.

Until it’s tee shirt and tank time here is some inspiration to keep you feeling just right!

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